About Lenny and Lori’s
“America’s Got Tolerance Show”

As they have for generations, Lenny and Lori – the Lion and the Lamb return with a message of acceptance and respect.

Originally developed in conjunction with The Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Museum of Tolerance, which has a distinguished record in education about social acceptance, Lenny and Lori “America’s Got Tolerance Show,”  is the engaging new adventure for these dynamic characters, who use music, comedy and dance to teach children a valuable lesson about accepting other cultures and tolerating people who are different.

A turn key production supported with curriculum materials, “America’s Got Tolerance Show” allows kids to be role models for other kids while drawing upon the ethnically diverse strengths of the communities in which it is performed. All materials, music and directions are included to produce a program that provides a comprehensive educational experience for the entire student body. The show is performed entirely by kids and there is creative license to expand the cast and content in every venue. 

Lenny the Lamb, is an alfalfa chewing combination of Rodney Dangerfield & Archie Bunker and Lori the Lion is the quintessential Queen of the jungle, a fiery ethnic Diva. The show uses the easily recognizable and successful contemporary format of a “Talent Search,” as our hosts discover an important lesson, with participating students, about respecting the different things that make us individuals.

Everyone’s concern about children being safe in school includes bullying and there’s a very significant scene where a child enthusiastically wants to participate in the show and is then put down and bullied by an aggressive group of kids.  It culminates finally, in both sides embracing the fact that, as one of the songs, “We Belong” points out, “We belong to a larger community, where we celebrate diversity, allowing us just to be.”

The original song list of “It Hurts When You Call Me Names,” “Lions and Lambs Don’t Mix,” Don’t You Wish You Were Me?” “I’m Gonna Be A Star,” and “Tolerance, Peace, Love” is enhanced by the inclusion of three original acts, introduced in each venue by students, that reflect the rich cultural, ethnic and historic background of the community’s diverse populations. These acts can be performed by including more students in the production to provide the greatest hands on experience with the message of the show.

“Come on a musical, theatrical adventure along the path of tolerance.”
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