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“Quick-witted humor & catchy pop-style original music.”
L.A. Times

Musical Highlights of the Workshop Production at

Walter Reed Middle School

“Your tolerance message came across loud and clear and the children were singing your songs all  evening.”
Rebecca L.Parton,
Youth Outreach Specialist Army Community Service

“Pretty darn funny.”
3rd Grader, 98th St. School

“Lenny and Lori is a superb lesson in non-violent
conflict resolution. I highly recommend this up-beat impactful program for children.”

Dr. Gerald Margolis,
Director at The Simon Wiesenthal Center Museum of Tolerance.


The overture of the show is a short film created for Walter Reed Middle School’s production, that includes interviews with students and faculty on how bullying, tolerance and accepting our differences affects all of our lives.

It Hurts When You Call Me Names

Tolerance, Peace & Love

Don’t You Wish You Were Me/

Why Can’t Everybody Be Just Like Me

Lions & Lambs Don’t Mix

We Belong

I’m Gonna Be A Star